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What is Kitchen Drain Cleaning? Kitchen drain cleaning removes all the dirt, debris, grease, and build up from your kitchen drain

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What is Bathroom Drain Cleaning?Bathroom Drain Cleaning clears your bathroom drains from all unwanted debris, scum and build up that

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What is Sewer Hydro Jet Cleaning?Sewer Hydro Jet Cleaning  is the process of removing foreign materials, debris, grease, sludge build

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What is Sewer Camera Inspection?Sewer Camera Inspection is the process for inspecting the inside of a pipe with a video

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What is Sewer Smell Detection?Sewer Smell Detection is the process of detecting and locating the source of unpleasant sewer smell

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What is Sewer Tree Roots Removal?Sewer Tree Roots Removal is the process of finding and removing tree roots that have

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Las Vegas Rooter was great! They answered all my questions and were able to schedule me right away. The technician impressed me right away with putting on booties as to not track anything on to my carpet. Very professional and great customer service. They also charged a very reasonable fee for their service. Definitely will…

Joel F. Client

We have lived in our home for more than 30 years and have needed plumbers many times. Las Vegas Rooter has been the best and most reasonably priced company we have ever had so far. Stoyan was truly kind, pleasant, and very professional, had the drain unclogged within 45 min. I highly recommend this company!

Martha H. Client

I called them with an emergency as I had a blocked sewer pipe from my house to the main city sewer line. They came within an hour, unclogged my sewer and even put a camera through our pipe to see why we had this problem. I would recommend them and call them myself for any…

Vincent S. Client

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