Sewer Tree Roots Removal

Sewer Tree Roots Removal


What is Sewer Tree Roots Removal?

Sewer Tree Roots Removal is the process of finding and removing tree roots that have broken your sewer or drain pipe. Sewer tree roots underground seeking water to grow always try to find their way into your drain or sewer pipe. Old pipes that are already cracked are the perfect location for tree roots to enter your plumbing system. Once inside the pipe, the tree roots keep on growing and growing until they reach a point where they have fully blocked the water flow and start to break and crack your pipe. 

How do we perform Sewer Tree Roots Removal in Las Vegas?

To perform Sewer Tree Roots Removal Las Vegas Rooter uses a root cutting machine to remove and clear the pipe. The sharp blades on the tip of the machine will cut through any roots and easily remove them. We use this method to clean your entire sewer pipe starting from the house and all the way to the main sewer line. Another option is to use a sewer jetter which uses high pressure water to flush all the debris out of your sewer pipe and in this way clean out all residue that has been building up on the sewer pipe walls. Depending on the severity of the roots pipe intrusion Las Vegas Rooter may offer an alternative solution using RootX. RootX is a solution that kills tree roots in sewer and drain pipes. RootX works by degreasing away the grime from the roots allowing for the solution to penetrate the roots ends and kill them. 

Why is Sewer Tree Roots Removal necessary?

Sewer Tree Roots Removal is necessary because when intrusive tree roots break your sewer or water pipes they cause damage and back ups in the drains, showers, sinks and toilets in the entire house. If three roots are not removed from your pipes, they can cause a major house flooding with sewage water leading to expensive repairs and renovations. Therefore, if you suspect that there are tree roots in your drain or sewer pipe, you will need to remove them as soon as possible to prevent pipe breaks and major sewage floodings.

What is the cost of Sewer Tree Roots Removal in Las Vegas?

The cost of Sewer Tree Roots Removal in Las Vegas depends on the severity of the problem and the roots treatment option selected. Quarterly maintenance RootX plans could range anywhere between $150 – $200. Removing and cutting of tree roots from a sewer and drain vary significantly depending on the severity of each case. Since sewer tree roots removal prices are determined on a case by case basis, it is best to schedule an appointment with a drain and sewer technician who can provide you with a firm quote based on your specific case. 

What areas in Las Vegas is Sewer Tree Roots Removal offered?

Las Vegas Rooter offers Sewer Tree Roots Removal in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder city and all surrounding areas including: Peccole Ranch, Green Valley, Summerlin, Blue Diamond, South Enterprise, Anthem, Nellis, Paradise, Sunrise Manor, Winchester, Whitney, Lone Mountain Vistas, Spring Valley, Cenntenial, The Lakes, and North Las Vegas. 

What to expect when expecting us?

Las Vegas Rooter technicians will call you when they are on the way to your home, so you know when to expect us and plan better for your day ahead. Upon arrival, our technicians will put on shoe covers in order to prevent any outside debris coming into your home. Upon completion of the job, our technicians will explain what was done and if there are any recommendations. At the end of the appointment you will receive your bill via email or text to complete at your convenience. 


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