Sewer Hydro Jet

Sewer Hydro Jet


What is Sewer Hydro Jet Cleaning?

Sewer Hydro Jet Cleaning  is the process of removing foreign materials, debris, grease, sludge build -up from your main sewer pipe. Sewer Hydro Jet Cleaning can be done as part of your preventative house maintenance or as an emergency when you have an overflowing sewer or broken sewer pipe.

How do we perform Sewer Hydro Jet Cleaning?

Las Vegas Rooter performs Sewer Hydro Jet Cleaning by using a powerful hydro jet machine. Hydro jetting is a safe and highly efficient way to clean main line sewer blockages. This method is also chemically free and will not damage your sewer pipe. 

Why is Sewer Hydro Jet Cleaning necessary?

Sewer Hydro Jet Cleaning is necessary because it prevents main line blockages, clogs, overflows and most importantly costly sewer line repairs. Sewer line accumulation of debris and other foreign objects over time may cause big problems if they are not cleared regularly. If your sewer gets blocked, the water will have no other option but to go back up into your home. Therefore, regular sewer cleaning will help you avoid unexpected sewage overflowing into your house.

What is the cost of Sewer Hydro Jet Cleaning in Las Vegas?

Sewer Cleaning cost in Las Vegas varies depending on the service provider and type of job – commercial or residential. Sewer cleaning by Hydro Jet can range in price anywhere between $350 – $500. However, since the actual cost  for sewer hydro jetting depends on the case, it is best to request an estimate based on your specific needs and type residence. 

What areas in Las Vegas is Sewer Hydro Jet Cleaning offered?

Las Vegas Rooter offers Sewer Cleaning in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder city and all surrounding areas including: Peccole Ranch, Green Valley, Summerlin, Blue Diamond, South Enterprise, Anthem, Nellis, Paradise, Sunrise Manor, Winchester, Whitney, Lone Mountain Vistas, Spring Valley, Cenntenial, The Lakes, and North Las Vegas.

What to expect when expecting us?

Las Vegas Rooter technicians will call you when they are on the way to your home, so you know when to expect us and plan better for your day ahead. Upon arrival, our technicians will put on shoe covers in order to prevent any outside debris coming into your home. Upon completion of the job, our technicians will explain what was done and if there are any recommendations. At the end of the appointment you will receive your bill via email or text to complete at your convenience.


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