Restaurant & Commercial Drains

Restaurant & Commercial Drains


What is Restaurant & Commercial Drain Cleaning?

Restaurant and Commercial Drain Cleaning is the process of providing drain cleaning and maintenance services for restaurants and commercial buildings in Las Vegas. Commercial buildings such as shops, salons, mall plazas, eating places are in need of constant drain and sewer cleaning and maintenance in order to keep their business up and running. 

How do we perform Restaurant & Commercial Drain Cleaning?

Las Vegas Rooter performs Restaurant & Commercial Drain Cleaning by using powerful water hydro jet in order to remove all grease and other debris build up inside the pipe. Las Vegas Rooter also performs regular drain and sewer maintenance for restaurants and other commercial buildings in order to keep the pipes clean and prevent unwanted drain emergencies during regular business hours. 

Why is Restaurant & Commercial Drain Cleaning necessary?

Restaurant & Commercial Drain Cleaning is necessary because it ensures proper drain functioning of the pipes at all times. Restaurants and other commercial buildings in Las Vegas can’t afford to have backing up drains during business hours, therefore, regular drain and sewer maintenance is essential and necessary. Regular commercial drain cleaning will not only ensure that you are open and able to serve clients at all times, but also help prevent expensive future drain and sewer repairs. 

What is the cost of Restaurant & Commercial Drain Cleaning in Las Vegas?

The cost of Restaurant & Commercial Drain Cleaning in Las Vegas varies depending on the type of commercial property being serviced. Drain Cleaning for restaurants and other commercial building is usually done by the hour. Therefore, asking for a drain cleaning quote is the best option for all commercial types of drain and sewer services. 

What areas in Las Vegas is Restaurant & Commercial Drain Cleaning offered?

Las Vegas Rooter offers Restaurant & Commercial Drain Cleaning in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder city and all surrounding areas including: Peccole Ranch, Green Valley, Summerlin, Blue Diamond, South Enterprise, Anthem, Nellis, Paradise, Sunrise Manor, Winchester, Whitney, Lone Mountain Vistas, Spring Valley, Cenntenial, The Lakes, and North Las Vegas.

What to expect when expecting us?

Las Vegas Rooter technicians will call you when they are on the way to your home, so you know when to expect us and plan better for your day ahead. Upon arrival, our technicians will put on shoe covers in order to prevent any outside debris coming into your home. Upon completion of the job, our technicians will explain what was done and if there are any recommendations. At the end of the appointment you will receive your bill via email or text to complete at your convenience.



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