Are constant toilet clogs signs of a bigger drain problem?

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Are constant toilet clogs signs of a bigger drain problem?


Constant toilet clogs and blockages in your drain are usually a sign of a bigger problem. When you have recurrent toilet overflows and back ups you may be having a problem that is not related to your toilet but it is actually coming from the drain or sewer pipe itself. Experiencing a toilet clog once in a few years is most likely due to build up that has been accumulated on the inside of the pipe. However, if you start to get drain clogging every week or even every other month, then you know that the problem is more serious.

The biggest warning sign for Las Vegas and Henderson home owners is when right after they get their drains cleaned they have the same amount of drain clogs. When all build up or debris in the drain pipe is removed after a thorough drain cleaning by a professional plumber home owners should not experience any more clogs in the near future. However, if the drain pipe has other problems such as bends, breaks, or invasive tree roots, the clogs and blockages will continue with the same force as before. That’s when you know you have a bigger problem with your drain pipe!

At this time, the best option is to complete a drain camera inspection. The drain video inspection will expose the cause of the drain clog problem. Is it invasive tree roots blocking your drain pipe? Is your drain pipe broken or completely collapsed? Are there any bellies or kinks on the drain pipe? The drain camera is such a powerful tool!  A little cable with a camera head is inserted into  your drain pipe, which records a real time video of the entire insides of the pipe. The video recording is very detailed and it can show a lot, such as bends, tree roots, bigger blockages, etc. With this recording, you will find out the real cause of your constant drain clogs and most importantly you will know how to fix it!

In conclusion, it is really important to find what the real problem is. Only then you can resolve it permanently!

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